Monday, July 30, 2012

Continued after that short break!

Sorry about that interwebs!

I got a tad distracted.  Rest assured that I can sum up the past week for you pretty quickly.  I had a smoothie everyday for breakfast.  Nausea still continued.  I hiked/jogged everyday at work, with the exception of Friday where I didn't jog at all.  Tuesday I had tacos for dinner, and for lunch everyday I had my Kale salad.  I went to gym, in addition to the hike, every day but Tuesday.  Wednesday I didn't work - so I just went to the gym and then beach!  Still smoothie and kale salad for lunch - popcorn for dinner (bad me!)  Friday I did a quick morning work out - only 45 minutes.  

I was EXTRA bad Friday.  I skipped dinner (naughty), went to a reggae concert, had two beers, and split a bratwurst/club sandwich/elephant ear for dinner.... Saturday I skipped the gym and opted for cleaning and errand running.  I was having some strange tightness in my right quad.  Not normal for me to have tightness there.  Didn't do anything Saturday night besides catch up on my Grim.

Sunday, I woke up early and got new gear from Lululemon!  So stoked about that.  Then I went home - made a scramble, relaxed, updated some photo's my family wanted, went to the gym, cleaned some more, and had tacos for dinner with Lauren and Pat!  Whew!  

Now we're up to speed!

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