Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Day!

Today is a special day.  Today is the day that I became a distributor for Herbalife!  I don't quite know where this is going to go yet - but I hope to make new friends, inspire myself and others, and maybe make a little extra cash!  

I plan to use this blog to initially track my progress.  I'll be using the product that arrives in my sales kit to see how effective it is - and so that if (or really more likely when) I'm ready to promote it, I can speak from experience.  I'm going to take a few pictures (before and after) and do my best to log my Herbalife in-take, eating, drinking, and work-outs.  I will also log how I'm feeling, good or bad, and any positive or negative side effects!  Look out Consumer Reports - I'm coming for you!

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