Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hungry Saturday!

I had Herbalife for breakfast - it was delicious.  Nice and thick!  It was really delicious.  I ate my smoothie at about 10:00am, and at around 1:30 I went to the gym.  I ran four miles, and was going to lift when I was called away for a little beach date!  I scarfed down my sesame chicken (complete with a little bit of white rice and japanese salad).  The beach was cold (super sad Caitlin), but we followed it up with dinner at Lauren's house.  I had bbq chicken (breast, no skin) with a little bit of brown rice, asparagus, and a few slices of baguette bread.  I followed it up with dessert (YUUUUUM) of brownie bites (2) with a scoop of mint ice cream.  It was a pretty lovely day.

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