Monday, July 16, 2012

Good News!

Holy Smokes!  

I went to the doctor today.  And I weighed in at 148lbs.  That is amazing for me.  I haven't been under 150 in more than a year!  I have been more fit at times, stronger at other, and squishier at the worst times.  My last doctors appointment, about 4 months prior, I weighed in at 159lbs.  I'm pretty proud of my success.  

Hopefully it's thanks to my diet!

This morning I had my regular smoothie, my kale salad for lunch, and a green salad with steamed chicken.  At lunch I had a little treat of chocolate!  It was this "Unreal" brand that has less additives.  They were delicious.  I felt good. I was distracted and it was wonderful.  

I skipped any physical activity.  Last week I went strong Monday, taking off Friday, through Sunday.  I got one of the best nights of sleep.

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