Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looooong Weekend

This weekend seemed incredibly long, and not in a good way.

Friday, I woke up early and went to the gym.  Had a pretty good run, about 30 minutes, spent a little less time lifting.  Had my Herbalife for breakfast, and kale salad for lunch.  I did a hike at lunch too, but no jogging this day.  Just a nice hike.  After work, I went home and made a quinoa salad for a bar-b-que at Lauren's house.  For dinner, I had a HUGE hot dog with peppers on top, about a cup of my quinoa salad, and Lauren made this adorable little cupcake desserts.  I drank about six beers and went to bed too late... 

Saturday, I woke up.  Had my Herbalife tea - and then went to San Juan to get a tasty recipe made Herbalife and some product knowledge.  After that, Lauren and I were supposed to go to a baseball game down in San Diego, but we missed our train.  I had maybe a cup of my quinoa salad for lunch (while speeding down the free-way).  We made some mixed drinks - to get over the fact that we missed the most gorgeous part of the day in traffic and STILL didn't make it to the game. At around 8:30 we went out to eat.  We shared a green salad (mixed green, spinach, tomatoes, FRESH croutons, carrots, cucumbers) and a 12' veggie pizza (my half without cheese).  We went out to a restaurant that a new friend's girlfriend works at and she brought us some delicious dessert.  It was sweet dough that was fried and then came with chocolate drizzle.  Sorta like a piecy beignet.  I had a old fashioned and then a whiskey and ginger ale.  

I only slept 5-6 hours so Sunday was bust.  I felt exhausted (and a little queasy).  We went to Pipes where I got a breakfast burrito (eggs, sausage, cilantro, peppers) and some coffee.  I went home and cleaned the whole house.  Really slowly.  I had my Herbalife for lunch, and a little more quinoa salad.  For dinner I had a bowl of air-popped popcorn with 2 tbsp's of olive oil and some salt.  Lauren is super evil and left three of her "healthy" cupcakes and of course, I ate them all.

This is pretty much how my weekend went.  It was nice - not to be at work - but it was boring and, without Dan, kinda depressing.  I didn't meet my exercise goal - but I'm gonna bring it this week and re-focus to what I (emphasis on the ME) want my next weekend to be.  

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