Friday, July 13, 2012

First Herbalife Breakfast

Power went out at my house last night.  I had to make an escape to my friend Lauren's house.  We stayed up late giggling - and so I missed my morning work out.  I was able to get Herbalife though!  I tried a new flavor: a mix of berry and cookies and cream.  It was good not great.  I also wasn't able to hike or jog at lunch because I didn't really get a lunch.  I grabbed some low-far Garden Vegetable Pesto soup and half a Turkey, Avocado, BLT from Panera.  I try to use the resources the internet provides ( to log my calories - that meal was 410 calories.  

I had a rough day at work.  My boss was gone - luckily the phones were quick, but my "other" boss was flying off the handle about everything.  So needless to say I did not want to come home and work out.  Lauren was already at my house, and I had planned to take her out for her birthday we had un-logged sushi and a Sapporo.  Then we went to a friends and enjoyed a few more beers.  It was lovely!  I was in bed by 1:00am.

I really enjoyed my Hebalife breakfast - which I drank between 9:00am-9:30am.  But I was hungrier much faster than I imagined I would be.  At about 11:00am I started to feel like I wanted a snack.  I had a glass of water, and covered the clock on my computer and got back to work.  I had my lunch at about 1:00pm.  And I wasn't hungry again until 7, but I was ravenous!

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