Friday, August 3, 2012

Solid Week so far - New Enhancers!

It's been another standard week for me.  I eat the same old same old.  This week my exercise has been a little out of whack.  Hiking everyday, except Monday and today.  Tuesday and Thursday I did only my hike - due to taco-induced coma, and Thursday Dan came home!  Friday my lunch got switched at work.  Something that I really don't appreciate because it screws up my whole system...  Other than that it's been Herbalife breakfast, Kale salad for lunch, and something within my calorie range for dinner.  Visited the gym Monday, Wednesday, and plan to go for a bit tonight!

I have stopped taking my multi-vitamin though, and my morning nausea has stopped.  I did get Cookies & Cream F1, Dutch Chocolate F1, Vanilla PDM, Thermo-bond, Cell-u-lose, and a BIG tea.  The cookies and cream is so damn good - I would like to replace all of my meals with a shake.  I have that extra protein now (PDM) so that my formula 1 lasts longer, and I feel much fuller.  I haven't been getting as hungry between breakfast and lunch.  A piece of fruit and my cup of coffee gets to me lunch without considering raiding the community fridge for goodies.  I have been getting really hungry at about 2:30-3:00, which is a bummer.  I'm working on a solution now.  I have also been feeling a little extra bloated this week.  It might due to stress/excitement about Dan's arrival - but I'm hoping the Cell-u-loss will help with any water weight gain.  I might need to do a little Herbalife cleanse here soon (WARNING: My brain could potentially just be creating an excuse to buy more Herbalife...)

I just started my Therma-bond & Cell-u-loss yesterday.  I'm going to try to stay on track - but I'm really bad with pills.  I'm considering dividing them up into three different bottles so that I can keep one by my blender, one in my bathroom, and one in my purse...  Like today, I forgot them all at home - so I'm only going to get one dose.  Oops!  Weekend update will be on it's way. 

I think I like this schedule.  Week day update, and then weekend.  I'm going to be eating a little more than normal this weekend - but I'm hoping I can trick Dan into going to the gym or on a hike!  I'll keep ya posted!

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