Monday, August 13, 2012

Mid-Morning Snack? No thank you!

Hello all!

Sorry about my lack of posting (again).  It's amazing how much a husband can screw with your schedule.  

I've been keeping with my plan - as closely as possible.  Changes from the past week and weekend are as follows:
- No Hikes (due to my lovely boss switching my lunch time for this week.
- Missed Wednesday and Thursday physical activity completely (once due to laziness and the other time because the gym was CLOSED!)
- Did about 70 minutes of running on Tuesday - but then ate tacos.
- Didn't work out all weekend - but watched my caloric in-take carefully.

I'm getting back on the saddle this week.  Stay positive.  That's the best medicine for a little guilt.  Check out this little link ( to get you going on a new habit.  Follow this Buster Benson through the interwebs and you'll be motivated like no other.  Habit forming awesome-ness!  Super jazzed.  (I went so far as to send him a little nerdy love e-mail... AND HE WROTE BACK! Nothings better than that!) 

Today I've already had my Herbalife (still on a cookies and cream roll!).  The PDM has been helping me to skip my mid-morning snack.  I had to skip my lunch hike/jog again today.  Hopefully for the last time as Marty will be back and able to cover my normal lunch time again.  I went to Herbalife for lunch to pick up kitty litter and get a little product knowledge.  Had soup (140 calories of chicken noodle with added frozen peas!) at about 1:45 p.m.  Not hungry yet - but considering eating a few carrots to avoid being ravenous (my husband would claim it's closer to murderous...) when I get home.  


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